The signing of a security agreement and a permanent military between the U.S. and Baghdad…

The signing of a security agreement and a permanent military between the U.S. and Baghdad amid the silence of the Ministry of Defense and ignore the political forces of the risks


Palm – in the form of a surprise announcement to the Iraqi people, revealed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that the last security meeting held between the Iraqi side and the U.S., during which, the conclusion of an agreement defensive and “permanent” between them.

The U.S. detection of this Agreement at the time did not announce the Iraqi Ministry of Defense for the convening of such a meeting and did not announce the signing of such an agreement .. The U.S. embassy announced that Washington confirmed the commitment to the Convention on the strategic framework that took place between the two countries in 2008.

This meeting was the security has a contract with the U.S. delegation arrived for Iraq security to this end, Baghdad witnessed the Joint Coordinating Committee for Defence and Security in Baghdad on the fifth and sixth of this month at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad.

And participated in the meeting, Defense Minister Saadoun Dulaimi agency, and Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense for Political Affairs James Miller, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs arms control and international security Rose Jotimoalr.

The U.S. embassy in a statement that was distributed to the media on Saturday, the two sides discussed further strengthening cooperation in the field of security, and raise the defense capabilities of Iraq and modernize its military forces and to facilitate access to inputs of both countries in the field of regional security.

The parliamentary sources said there order their Iraqi government to hold meetings with the U.S. side without transparency, and a statement from the U.S. embassy with the results of this meeting security who do not know all the details, at the time committed to the Ministry of Defence silent on this meeting or the announcement of the results confirms the path of avoiding transparency in government behavior in meetings with the U.S. side on sensitive issues such as the issue of defense and security.

And condemned Sheikh Abdul Hassan Saadi told media this agreement, which lacked transparency in its announcement or mentioned in detail, and said that the agreement defense defensive considered event strategically has connotations and implications of local and regional, how if it was such an agreement entered into with the U.S. side, who leads the project security and military and politically to topple the Assad regime strongly iron and fire and the creation of armed groups and extremist Wahhabi coordination and cooperation with Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

He said Iraqi political and media bloom Khafaji said the signing of the Treaty to defend the security with the U.S. side carries significant caveats, especially as the details of this contract security pact still absent and mysterious, with the exception of the commentary Manual issued by the U.S. embassy in this regard.

Khafaji added: as that which calls for suspicion dimensions of this security agreement, is announced by a U.S. embassy statement that lasting security agreement, what does “permanent” in the security agreement,?!! It means things seriously any that this agreement is time-bound agreement will end or be considered in detail from both Iraq and the U.S. A├║stinav work, and this kind of security agreements Standing between the state like the United States that have interests and security policy and military in the Middle East and its ambition to extend its influence security and military into Iraq, raises suspicion that what was agreed upon as the “security agreement lasting” between the two sides, is in the interest of the United States and not in the interest of Iraq, but of Shan such an agreement that prevents Iraq’s ID number in the U.S. strategy in the Middle East, as if Iraq has entered a military alliance with a country like the United States, are plans in the region dangerous to friendly countries such as Iran, Iraq Washington is seeking all ways of meddling in its affairs and the establishment of military bases in the region to threaten its security and stability.

The seal-Khafaji said: that which calls to worry that a security agreement and military described as a permanent concluded and signed between the two sides of Iraq and the U.S. in Baghdad, is that he did not raise comments and remarks political blocs, especially the Iraqi National Alliance, which includes the Dawa Party, of all factions, and the Supreme Council and representatives of the mainstream thoracic, and virtue and the Badr Organization, despite the seriousness of security on Iraq, Iran and the peoples of the region, as it turns Iraq into a country need to “guardianship” security and military by the security agreement and the permanent military who announced meant the U.S. embassy and not the Ministry of Defense in Iraq.

He called al-Khafaji, members of the House of Representatives to provide interrogation urgent Defense Minister agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi to learn secrets serious contained security agreement and permanent military with the United States is offering this state support security, militarily and politically to the Zionist entity and to countries pose a threat to the security and sovereignty of Iraq, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia.