Problem in Iraq not a problem between Arabs & Kurds

Spokesperson of the regional administration in north of Iraq, Sefin Dizai said the problem in Iraq was improper governing, not a problem between the Arabs and the Kurds.

IRBIL Speaking to AA correspondent, Dizai criticized Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki to carry the political tension to the threshold of fight. He said they would use every mean of dialogue and sent a delegation to Baghdad to negotiate. Dizai added all the Iraqi people reacted to the expression of “Arab-Kurd war”. He said there has been a problem but it was not a problem between the Kurds and the Arabs. He said they have been opposing to the Tigris Operation Force from the beginning, and claimed that Maliki tries to change the system on his own.  He said all the political parties were feeling uncomfortable. Dizai said the tension was no more a clash between forces, and added that the improper governing should be changed in Iraq, in order to solve the problem.  Reminding Maliki made an announcement lately, that local forces would protect their regions, Dizai said that would be very dangerous. He criticized Maliki for implementing some resolutions without the approval of the parliament in the last year.   Underlining that they would not go back to pre-2003, Dizai added “those days passed”. He said they would like to negotiate with anyone who wants a stable and secure Iraq, but fait accompli would not work in a federal government.