Talks between Iraq and the United States in Baghdad on the Strategic Framework Agreement

site said the Pentagon that the ministry had issued a statement on the talks held on Thursday between the Governments of the United States and the Republic of Iraq.

statement said «under the auspices of the Strategic Framework Agreement, confirmed the Governments of the United States and the Republic of Iraq commitment strategic partnership Standing at the second meeting of the Commission on Security and Defense joint coordination on the fifth and sixth of the month of December, which was held in Baghdad. Where he held the meeting in the Iraqi Defense Ministry co-chaired by Iraqi Defense Minister proxy Saadoun al-Dulaimi and Undersecretary of Defense for Political Affairs James Miller and Acting Agency and U.S. Department of State for arms control and international security Rose Gotimolr ».

statement continued by saying that «the defense and security cooperation is one of the areas of cooperation that have been agreed within the Strategic Framework Agreement, which was signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008 to promote cooperation in areas of common interest between the two countries.

discussed «the two sides during the meeting the efforts to further strengthen cooperation in the field of security and strengthen the defense capabilities of Iraq and modernize military forces Iraqi and facilitate contributions the two countries in regional security