After 16 years, the United States lifted its ban on commercial flights to Iraq

Said Department of Civil Aviation U.S. federal she decided to lift the ban imposed in 1996 on commercial flights to Iraq, and it allowed air carriers U.S. doing trips to airports in the Kurdistan region.

justified Aviation Administration decision by saying that stability has returned to the region.

The United States has banned commercial flights to Iraq in 1996 for safety reasons. would allow the administration to air carriers U.S. organized trips to airports Arbil and Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdistan region.

Administration said U.S. carriers that many airlines belonging to other countries using the two airports without problems for many years.

mention that the administration was allow U.S. carriers to fly in Iraqi airspace at altitudes of more than 20 thousand feet, it’s also allowed some commercial flights to Iraq under contracts with the U.S. military during the occupation period.