Company calls global smart card mixed service shopping mail by card so smart early 2013

Director said the supervisor of the service Ibrahim Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Hadi said the company has created 10 000 device (structured service) will be distributed to malls, markets and great restaurants in the first phase beginning in 2013 which enables citizens of shopping via the card without the need to carry cash.

And Abdel-Hadi said work is under way to activate the refueling service through the installation of devices similar in filling stations in the second phase. He noted that the company is targeting at the beginning of its two tranches of retirees and social protection network to help them shopping electronically from markets and shops, stressing that this service aims to organize the household budget, on the one hand as well as the facilitation of citizen for the purpose of payment of bills and wages, especially in the departments of traffic and sexual and Civil Status, in addition to bills Zain and Akiem buy الكارتات and other.

He said the company has completed the training of 500 employees working in its branches in all provinces, in addition to training 1500 and service agent at a rate of three per serving staff, as well as the training of a thousand employees of State-owned banks for the purpose of providing these services to the citizens.