Iran’s trade defies the international ban interchangeably with 192 countries!!

Iran’s trade balance refers to the higher exchange with Iraq and defies the international ban interchangeably with 192 countries

Posted 08/12/2012 12:49 PM

Beirut – “arenas of Liberation”

Fars said Iranian news agency that Iran continued to exchange trade during the first ten months of the current year with 192 countries in spite of the international embargo imposed on it.
A report news agency Fars that “trade balance Iranian achieved a surplus with 95 state-of-states of the 192 that Tehran continues terms of trade with them during the first ten months of 2012, while the balance of trade has seen a deficit with 97 other country. ”

And saw the trade balance Iranian, according to the agency, “the largest surplus in trade with the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, India, Turkmenistan and Pakistan within 10 months of the year 2012.
Agency says that exports of goods and goods of non-oil “reached during the first six months of the Iranian year ongoing (started in March 20 last), 12.604 million euros, while its imports IRNA about 20.764 million euros of goods during the same period. ”
agency says: “According to data Customs Iran, the value of imports equal to about 62 percent of the volume of foreign trade, while estimated this ratio during the similar period of last year to 65 percent. ”