Iraq federal court refuses to reverse its decision on oil money for citizens

Federal Court dismissed reverse the decision reversed paragraph distribute money to the citizens in the 2012 budget, and showed that the decision is final.

This came according to court spokesman Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, noting that “the veto came on the impact of the behavior of the House of Representatives is not a constitutionally route added to paragraph”.

Bayraktar said that “the decision of the Federal Court issued a force,” explaining “that the veto was not based on that it is not entitled to give part of the oil money to citizens, but came to the behavior of the House of Representatives is not constitutionally add route paragraph in the budget.”

Bayraktar pointed to ” be on adding this paragraph is the Council of Ministers and not the House of Representatives, “noting that” veto does not prevent the House of Representatives a proposal to the Council of Ministers to add that paragraph. “