Worsening political situation threatens the movement of Iraq’s economy to collapse

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Warned economic analyst Ibrahim al-Mashhadani, from worsening and deteriorating political situation in Iraq, which will affect heavily on economic activity between the Territory and the center, noting that: worsening political situation threatens the country economic disaster as a result of disruption to Iraqi trader between the north and south and disrupting work most economic laws.

Mashhadani said in a statement to Agence independent press (Iba) .. Saturday, “The policy intense expression of the economy and there is a dialectical relationship between politics and solid economy and the collapse of one of them will lead to the destruction of the other party, stressing: that the worsening political situation gives negative signals on the Iraqi economy.

Confirmed: The movement of traders between the north, center and south will stop due to cut all roads and transportation and concentration of military blocs leads to stop the economic movement and prevents the merchant from the transfer of goods and commodities between north and south, adding: that all economic laws include all of Iraq from north to south and the worsening situation between Arbil and Baghdad leads to stop working with these laws and impenetrable due to the deteriorating political situation.

He noted: that some economic projects linked Bechtel political replace doubt and is a good exploit the deteriorating situation to cover the reluctance and achieved a lot of profit, noting: that military activity Almtkl in the northern region and internal conflicts will affect the work of the executive and performance all ministries.

He stressed: Sir according to constitutional articles will solve all internal differences, but the continuing violations of the laws threatens the country’s civil war unthinkable.