State law: Iraq rejects any outside interference whatsoever

MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, of the need to hold face-to-face meeting between all the political blocs to resolve the current crisis.

Bayati said the Agency (UR) that “the dispute between the province and the center has been surpassed and returned it to before the outbreak of the dispute, but it is important that the meeting is held to discuss the differences between the political forces,” returned “solutions made to resolve the dispute between the province and Antrzaamlah very for it to be applicable to ground quite quickly. “He also called “all political parties to think seriously in the future not to allow any outside party to intervene in Iraqi affairs internal”, returned adapters some political parties to export internal crises abroad to seek help will not find resonance because everyone has اprivate and Iraq also rejects categorically any interference whatever was. “