Mayahi calls to distribute 2013 budget’s moneys according to poverty rate rather than population density

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Aziz al-Mayahi, member of the Parliamentary Economy Committee, called to amend the item within 2013 federal of distributing the moneys on the provinces from being according to the population density to be according to the rate of poverty in the provinces.

Mayahi told All Iraq News Agency “The federal budget of 2013 was set on basis of the population density, which is considered as a great mistake because the majority of the world countries depend on the rate of poverty rather than on the population density while setting the general budgets.”

“There are many poor provinces such as Diwaniya, Muthanna, Babel, and Salah il-Din which do not have any revenues unlike other provinces, so we find that 2013 budget did not take this fact into consideration,” he added noting “His committee submitted this suggestion to the Financial Committee where the latter promised to adopt the budget on basis of the poverty rate.” /End/