Kurdistan: lost confidence “Maliki” categorically reject any solutions prosthesis!!

Kurdistan: lost confidence “Maliki” categorically reject any solutions prosthesis!!


Palm – said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Chuan Mohamed Taha said a lot of political forces, including the alliance no longer trust the rule of law and the Prime Minister is non-existent, adding whenever we reach a solution to the crisis of state law fabricating a new crisis and to return relations to a bad situation.

He Taha loss street Kurdish trust the rule of law and definitively and reject any pledges or new solutions prosthesis issued by the Prime Minister, stressing that the country is living in a real crisis and need to pledges level problem and can not refer back to the promises old تخرقها state law after day.

And keen Talabani said in a statement issued recently and face to the Iraqi people, that the “language of threats” do not build the new Iraq, warning that the crisis experienced by the country threaten to “atmosphere strife” and described as “not an easy” Also, consider the worst of the current crisis between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region combined Bthhidat reciprocal forces and the threat of force.

And called on the parties to “calm to avoid tension in the field and political and media” in order to complete the consultations initiated by the masses since his arrival in the capital Baghdad.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said during a joint press conference, last Thursday with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad, said he told al-Maliki, concern the International Foundation of the crisis in the disputed areas between the central government and the Kurdistan Region, as he emphasized that the mission of the United Nations in Iraq is willing to provide advice in order to reach a solution.

The Maliki announced during the conference itself, that the crisis in the disputed areas between his government and the Kurdistan region are on their way to the solution via two proposals, among the one provided on the use of the children of these areas to provide security protection to them, stressing that this situation will continue until Parliament approves bill demarcation provincial boundaries.