Moon vows to seek to remove Iraq from Chapter VII !!!!

Moon vows to seek to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

12/08/2012 12:00 am

Baghdad inform the United Nations that it has fulfilled its international obligations
BAGHDAD – morning
flag “Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network,” that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon vowed to officials in Baghdad to work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, despite the assertion Some international obligations are not met, which was denied by the government by stressing that Iraq has implemented all its commitments.
said President Jalal Talabani during a meeting in Baghdad yesterday (Thursday) Secretary General of the UN, the important role of the International Organization in removing Iraq from under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. President explained that Iraq has met its obligations to international commitments, has returned to the international community and play a major role in maintaining peace and security in the region and has active participation in international forums. moon had arrived in Baghdad on Thursday morning from Kuwait to support the strengthening of relations between the two countries (Iraq and Kuwait) and resolve the outstanding issues, as he was greeted by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. He also met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Secretary-General of the UN, and praised al-Maliki during a meeting on the role of the international organization, stood with Iraq in different circumstances and on the cooperation between the two sides.
Prime Minister praised the efforts of the moon in this area, calling that culminate in efforts to derail Iraq from Chapter VII. On the relationship with Kuwait Prime Minister expressed his optimism resolve the remaining issues the cooperation of the two countries in this area over a short period, and considered that the UN role influential in Collapse this page. Search House Speaker Osama Nujaifi with the Secretary General of the United Nations, several files, including removing obstacles between Iraq and Kuwait of border demarcation and the freedom of navigation and the missing and compensate farmers. Nujaifi said during the meeting to effective UN role in Iraq and the need for courageous decisions to resolve contentious issues between Iraq and Kuwait, and to be the Security Council has the final word to exit Iraq from Chapter
VII. middle of this picture, a political source said early for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, “said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon vowed to officials in Baghdad to work to remove Iraq from Chapter
VII. source said: that some Iraqi officials were shocked by the announcement moon that Iraq has not met all its obligations and that many of the files have not been resolved, noting that government officials denied that, asserting that Iraq has met all its commitments and that it continues to do so. source noted that the moon pointed to the survival of the files still need to solve missing كالتعويضات and border demarcation and water and Archive and joint oil fields and apologize.