Ban Calls For A New Era Between Iraq And Kuwait

BAGHDAD – Iraq News Network: The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon on Thursday morning visit to Iraq from Kuwait, and to hold talks with Iraqi officials. Ban met upon arrival in Baghdad, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said he dealt in his talks the political situation and the state of tension between the Iraqi government and the local government in Kurdistan.

That was called from Kuwait Tuesday to “a new era” in relations between Iraq and Kuwait and announced its determination to work for the “normalization” of relations between the two countries and “validation of discharge Iraq international duties toward Kuwait.”

And touched during Mahdthath in Baghdad to the situation in Syria, said that should bring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to justice if its used chemical weapons against opposition militants. In this context showed Iraqi Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri, during a meeting Thursday and a delegation of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association readiness hard to flights between Iraq and Kuwait directly.

It is noteworthy that, after more than twenty years to invade Iraqi forces Kuwait, Baghdad still deposited 5% of the proceeds of oil exports in the compensation fund for Kuwait, where he there threads stuck between the two neighbors since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, including disputes over the border and visit coincided Ban Iraq at a time when the relationship between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s autonomous severe crisis due to several disagreements recently the formation of Baghdad, “the Tigris Operations Command” to take over security responsibilities in the areas described as disputed.