International companies seeking a presence in the markets of Iraq and the Middle East

Carty, president and chief executive of “GE Healthcare” in the growth markets of Oriental and African’s 84, which covers Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East and Africa: “The Middle East, Pakistan and Iraq the fastest growing emerging markets in the world, and because of the concentration of large government in these markets to invest in infrastructure development for the health care sector.

hoping to play a vast knowledge of the President and the new Executive Director of the Middle East Maher Abu Zeid, who was appointed recently, especially in the area of health care – at the level of the sector and the region – to strengthen our presence in the region, through the development of the capacity of our customers there, depending on the approach based solutions for a number of pressing challenges facing these markets in the field of health care.

“and will Zeid, which increases his experience in the health care sector to 20 years, continue to grow and the continued expansion of the mark” GE Healthcare “in the region, in addition to strengthening relations current with customers and building new partnerships across the Middle East and Pakistan. turn, AbuZayd said: “We see increasingly prevalent diseases of this age and a steady rise in health care costs over burdens on the health system across the region .,

and we are in the ‘GE Healthcare to forging strong partnerships with the Ministries of Health and major hospital groups in the region, including guarantees for a greater number of people to health care solutions of high quality and at low cost by focusing on care primary and Stratejatna health known as global health innovation. stressing also continued focus on building sustainable partnerships with the markets of Iraq and the Middle East, and the provision of advanced technologies and solutions, including the training and skills development and knowledge transfer