Plan to overthrow the Baathist Maliki carried out immediately after the fall of the Assad..

Plan to overthrow the Baathist Maliki carried out immediately after the fall of the Assad regime planning Izzat al-Duri?


Palm – newspaper “political” Kuwaiti article quoted a security source as described Palmtalaa revealing a plan prepared by the Baath Party, led by Izzat al-Duri vice president of the former regime to control the Green Zone in central capital, which includes the vital centers of the government and the leadership of the defense and interior ministries and the homes of senior officials, led by Nuri Maliki.

The source said the plan periodic originally aimed at capturing or killing al-Maliki and senior officials of the ruling coalition and government officials explaining that it includes the deployment of hundreds of militants around the Green Zone entrances main point entrances neighborhoods Salhia and Harthiya, Karrada in order to control the area in a matter of hours.

And adopt the plan, according to the source splits the task within the Iraqi security forces and joining with their weapons to groups that encircled the Green Zone, in addition to join thousands of items from organizations Awakening that fought al-Qaeda in previous years and were large numbers of them to exclusion by the Maliki government.

The plan also includes attacking some big prison in Taji and Abu Ghraib, the airport and the center of Baghdad and in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and the release of thousands of prisoners and detainees to joining the league plan.

The security source said that the plan was discovered during investigations with some Iraqi Baathists who returned from Syria two weeks ago revealing that the zero hour set in the first week after the collapse of the Assad regime and the entry of Free Syrian Army fighters Damascus and control of the presidential palace there.

The source added that weapons belonging to the army of the former Iraqi them missiles – Joe and the land – the land and medium-weapons stored in the desert province of Anbar and Hamrin Mountains stretching from Salahuddin through Kirkuk and the end of Diyala province will be reformatted in a timely manner and provide fighters Awakening by the Baathists in Diyala to move from point north east of Baghdad to support the plan of the league.

The source pointed out that Maliki transfer security forces from the southern provinces to Baghdad and around and entrusted with protecting the Green Zone as some leaders of the security forces of the Ministries of Interior and Defense have been replaced and transferred to locations outside the capital, because of suspicions that they may not take the position decisively support Maliki if already taken place implementing periodic plan.

According to the security source who is close to the Kurdistan Alliance said the ruling coalition held urgent meetings after trying to storm the Directorate against terrorism in central Baghdad last week, during which the link between information made by the Baathists returning from Syria and between trying to armed groups attacking some prisons large, control and release of hundreds of prisoners, but the development that is entirely in the look of the ruling coalition and the position of the fact Plan league is arrested two of the forces responsible for the protection Green Zone in possession of maps of the fortifications in the region, particularly that such a development is an indication deep step on the body that you want to know what is fortifications Green Zone The troops stationed varieties and their numbers and the names of the officers.

According to the security source, the ruling coalition initially treated with periodic information about the plan much of the lack of seriousness as seen by some as close to al-Maliki is part of a psychological war waged by the Baath Party in conjunction with the developments of the Syrian situation and the possible fall of the Assad regime.

The source said the information that talked about the curfew league in the Kadhimiya district in the first day of Ramadan two weeks ago met with much of the lack of interest by some of the leaders of the ruling coalition, but some data and indicators, including confessions Baathists returning from Syria and some reports from destinations in Libya and Yemen confirmed the presence of something scheming by Baathists, led by the league.

He added that the security escalation interesting in the last few years, which has seen attacks quality in all the provinces and at the level of big goals such as complex security central Baghdad Maliki has made deals more seriously with the issue of plan league to control the Green Zone, which represents the symbol of political government of the ruling coalition.

The source revealed that the ruling coalition put in one of its meetings serious questions such as: Is there coordination between the league and Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi accused of terrorism and Republic resident in Turkey? Is there coordination between the league and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi and President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani? Is there an exchange of information between Ankara and Washington over the plan periodic post-Assad? Are there regional international conspiracy to get rid of the rulers of Iraq, Syria and Iran gradually?.

He believed the source of the ruling coalition in Iraq has begun in earnest re-read and evaluate information on the plan of the league in light of the worsening crisis between Maliki on the one hand and Barzani and Allawi on the other hand in the light of decisions taken by Maliki re thousands of officers of the former army into service in Nineveh and Anbar may constitute These decisions grave mistake if he was sure more evidence that the plan of a real league.