Barzani pull “elements of his army” after their fight in Syria in preparation for war with Baghdad?!!

Barzani pull “elements of his army” after their fight in Syria in preparation for war with Baghdad?!!


Palm – diplomatic source said that the conflict between the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the central government has damaged the “Syrian fighters,” noting that the region withdraw his army, which was fighting in Syria in preparation for “war” with the center.

He revealed that a meeting between Qatari intelligence official and Kurdish and Turkish officials, noting that the Qatari official told the other parties that Peshmerga move toward the disputed areas greatly affected the performance of the opposition in Syria.

The source – who declined to be named – the Qatari official as saying, that the Kurds withdrew their elements that Zjoha in Syria after he became one of the fronts in the fight against the Syrian regime.

For its part, said sources from within the region, the regional president Massoud Barzani canceled all kinds of assistance to Syrian dissidents and withdrawal which provided them with weapons previously, Alerting forces in anticipation of a confrontation with the center.

The sources added that Qatar is satisfied with the withdrawal of support and change the degree of attention the Syrian side of the region, she said.

And evolved the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil recently as a result of troop movements of the Tigris in the disputed territories, which led to resort to direct meetings between a delegation from the Ministry of the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad, where, held on Monday and Tuesday meetings between the delegation and the Federal Ministry of Defense and security delegation Kurdish about crisis manage security in the disputed territories, where he announced the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces on the agreement reached between the federal army and the Peshmerga to withdraw military Thacdathma after the recent crisis between them, into place earlier and it was agreed on several issues.

For its part, stressed the political parties of Kurdistan during the meeting in Arbil, a few days ago, headed by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani on the face of the emergence and described as the “dictatorship and militarism” in Baghdad, demanding political parties Arabic play their role to prevent this approach, declaring that the General Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces declined during the last hours of its agreement with the Peshmerga, despite some positive signs that came out during the initial meetings between them and the military delegation to the Kurdistan region.