Nusaiyf, UNAMI’s political office discuss relieving Iraqi from UN sanctions

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Aliya Nusaiyf of the Iraqiya Hurra Coalition discussed with the political office of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) the file of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and the means of relieving Iraq from the UN sanctions stated in the UN Charter’s Seventh Chapter.

A statement by the media office of the Coalition cited “Nusaiyf discussed with UNAMI’s political office the Iraqi-Kuwaiti bilateral relations in light of the recent changes on the Kuwaiti political map through winning the Shiites the third of the Kuwaiti Parliament’s seats.”

She called the “United Nations to help Iraq get rid of the 7th Ch, and lift the injustice on Iraq that is stated in the resolution of the UN Security Council No. 833 especially the UN is quite aware that Iraq no longer threatens the international peace and security, thus necessitates lifting the UN sanctions for the absence of their reasons.”

“The meeting discussed the Syrian crisis and its effects on Iraq as well as the role of the UN in settling the Syrian crisis,” the statement added.

“The representatives of the UN political office promised to submit the Iraqi point of view to the UN to be discussed,” the statement concluded. /End/