Mura’bi reveals budget deficit 2013 by 19 trillion dinars and demands reducing

Mura’bi reveals budget deficit 2013 by 19 trillion dinars and demands  reducing

Thursday 6 December 2012

Baghdad – and babysit – a student member of the Economic Commission parliamentary Hussein Mura’bi “reducing the budget deficit in this year being the largest in the history of Iraq,” revealing “for its inability to nearly / 19 / trillion dinars, which will make Iraq subject to external borrowing from the Bank and the IMF.”
He said that” these loans have great interest rates and reached a total this year to more than a billion dollars. ”

He Mura’bi in a press statement today, “could reduce some expenses such as furniture and other goods in order to reduce or eliminate the largest deficit in the history of Iraq and imposed globally that does not exceed 3% and the case that it is now more than 10%.”

He also called for the support of some slides through surplus of Budgeting (savings) Kaltalbh or retired or care network or support the building of schools, “noting” that Iraq needs to 13 thousand schools which cost $ 16 billion a year and we need Kmadlat growth 600 schools costing us $ 750 million The fact is that the education budget intended for schools not to exceed $ 400 million as well as we need to 2 million housing units costing us $ 100 billion and an annual need / 150 / thousand units of population growth cost us almost $ 7.5 billion annually and budget accommodation in this budget not exceeding billion dollars only ” .

He noted that “the difference in population between the Ministry of Commerce and Central Bureau of Statistics arrived difference to hundreds of thousands and this difference is dangerous and opens the door wide open to corruption, we allocate a budget for the ration card on the basis of 34 million people and perhaps population no real than 33 million and a quarter million, which will lead to enormous differences worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the fact that control 55 thousand agent food and checking Ahaddathiathm has become almost impossible “… p / i