Nujaifi stresses the important role of the media as Iraq and Kuwait look to develop relations

The President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi on the importance of the role of the media in the development of relations, Iraq – Kuwait and expand agreed cooperation in various fields including contributing to turn the page on the past and resolve outstanding issues.

A statement from the Department of Media in the House of Representatives received the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “House Speaker Osama Nujaifi today received Hall’s constitutional parliament building delegation media Kuwaiti headed by Ahmed Yousef Behbehani Prime Journalists Association Kuwaitis, said Najafi during the meeting that the media in Iraq was a previously unknown one direction and one-party ideology and walking in the way of a decree “, adding that” the media and the press after 2003 was characterized by great openness and contribute to the democratization and defect detection and subsidy on achievement. “

The statement added that “Nujaifi pointed to the importance of the role of Iraq in the region and the effect of stability on the stability of the region,” explaining the need for “Relations between Iraq and Kuwait cooperation to overcome the past and start a new phase and full cooperation to resolve outstanding problems permanently, especially with the directions of the government to shut down all files and return to the normal situation, especially after coming out of Chapter VII, which could be completed within this year. “

In response to questions, the president of Parliament according to the statement, that “the general orientation of the House of Representatives is to build strong relations between Iraq and Kuwait and open a new page contribute to achieving the good of both countries as that understanding in resolving the files needed to brave decision and positive”, adding that “remarks Some MPs on the relationship with Kuwait represent their own opinion as to parliamentary life characterized by freedom of opinion and expression without any touching or abuse can not force everyone to approach one and as guaranteed by the Constitution. “

And on the shifts in some countries the Arab Spring, said Najafi, “The transformation of the democratic system closed and repressive needs time Stability requires a combination of factors, including the time and people’s awareness of the existence of toast locked approach democracy and the nature of external influences, pointing out that” changes in the countries of the Arab Spring will ultimately lead to the stability of nations and build sound systems in those countries. “

And Chairman of the Board according to the statement that “the regional situation witnessing successive developments, especially in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria noting that the Syrian situation is important and affects everyone, especially as the protests turned the situation peaceful to military because of the suppression system to the protesters and evolved situation into a proxy war, stressing that the people Syrian will eventually change and access to a democratic system.

He Nujaifi that “mediation with the Kurdistan region came after feeling the danger of military confrontation that got conjoin to the collapse of the political process and the war will not stop,” noting that “dialogue option everyone where it was agreed to a specific format would remove a lot of concerns and contribute to resolving the political crisis that led to military crisis, “revealing that” the proposals is to withdraw all troops out of the disputed areas and managed by the local police that Tertbtt directly conservatives, stressing that the agreement if it would be an achievement to solve an old problem. “

For his part, the first deputy chairman of the Council Qusay al-Suhail, according to the statement, “the attention of Parliament to improve relations with Kuwait, where previously sent the largest parliamentary delegation to visit Kuwait to reflect respect for the Council,” stressing the importance of the role of media in promoting the participants between the two peoples of Iraq and Kuwait as an important factor in this area.

The statement said that “Suhail between Ban late to move practical steps for the development of relations between Iraq and Kuwait”, calling for “do much media shared by identifying hours broadcast standard in television Iraqi and Kuwaiti and issuing daily, monthly, quarterly contributed by the media of both countries.”

Turn over members of the Kuwaiti media delegation, according to the statement “deeply pleased to visit Iraq and hospitality, stressing keenness on enhancing relations between the two countries in various fields.

The statement noted that “the meeting included ask members of the visiting delegation to a number of questions on the role of the House of Representatives to strengthen relations between Iraq and Kuwait and for developments of the political situation in Iraq and the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the regional situation, especially what is happening in Syria and the march of democracy in the countries of the Arab Spring “