USAID: Iraq’s economy will become the first Arab world after five years

confirmed Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control that it seeks to “flick” for laws broken as part of the strategic quality that purports to Iraq applied, and while officials have suggested in the draft “thread” Iraqi-American for Administrative Organization, to the laws and misunderstanding are the most prominent Marqlat Iraqi quality development, confirmed that the device standardization need five years of intense work to reach “level befitting Iraq” and not the advanced level.

The head of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control Saad Abdul Wahab said in a statement that “the goal of the conference is to develop a strategy and clear objectives in the next phase with all the parties in the Iraqi state.”

He Abdul Wahab that “strategic quality must rely on specific targets methods specific, “explaining that” we have the National Committee for Quality will work through the ترصين and start stages of the process for all facilities quality in state institutions and the development of their activities, “he” will not just rely on ISO 9000, but live up because there are Iraqi body of quality adoption donors for ISO certifications and laboratory calibration certificate is known specifications 17025 and even the so-called donors for people welders, Albaradan and others. ” And between the head of the “part of the quality strategy is flick on the laws broken and private economic sector in Iraq.”

For his part, the project manager said, “interdependence” Iraqi-American administrative organization, Rick Hantiktn “We are working with the Ministry of Planning since 2007 and our project was then named changed and now named thread and we are delighted to be working in Iraq in this regard.” He stressed that “the application of quality standards in Iraq need time,” adding that “Iraq has to develop his own abilities and development this stage we see that Iraq begins evolve year after year.” For his part, Dirar Alaa project adviser “coherence”, that “there are some obstacles that stand in front of quality strategy by the powers and laws that collide government departments and the other side is how to convince people of the need to apply quality standards.”

In turn, the Egyptian Mohammed Ashraf soldier consultant Quality Systems and head of the Orientalism of quality systems in the U.S. development agency that “device standardization and quality control in Iraq needs to boost moral and material and human resources for the advancement of the Iraqi market and quality standards.” He noted that the strategy quality you need to plan implemented the adoption of three axes on a par with each other, and that is the public sector even with the Central and equal with the private sector.

“And continued that” the device standardization and quality control needs to be 5 years continuous development and high density and balancing high card and high human until it reaches level befitting Iraq and not the advanced level. “said the soldier to” constraints faced by strategic quality is the lack of understanding in some points and conflicting jurisdictions in some quarters, government departments and the lack of private sector training quality system is the most prominent Almarqlat. “project aims decentralized management of the U.S. Agency for International Development “USAID” project “coherence” to help the Iraqi government to improve services and expand the circle of decision-making in line with the pattern of the ongoing transformation of Iraq from central government administration and leading to the formation optimal relationship between the federal government and local governments based on decentralization. builds The project has three main axes, is to develop procedures for decentralization by reviewing existing laws and study patterns of decentralization in many countries and then develop procedures to facilitate the shift towards decentralization, and the second axis is to improve the management of development in the provinces and the third axis is to improve services in the provinces. predicted Development Agency U.S., that leads the Iraqi economy Arab countries within five years, stressing that Iraq possessed all the qualifications to be a strong country economically.

said head unit quality systems in USAID Mohammad Ashraf soldier in a press statement that “the Iraqi economy forward month after month and this is very clear , “noting that” since last January, started the Iraqi economy grows and develops from month to month. “and added that” the Iraqi economy will be incremented by one in the Arab countries during the next five years, “adding that Iraq” has all the features that qualify as be a strong country in all aspects. “

The United States Agency for International Development USAID U.S. government agencies responsible mainly for the management of foreign aid, civil assists countries that suffer problems due to poverty, natural disasters or wars. The United States has called on 27 May 2012 Iraqi economy, which depends entirely on oil as “good”, as shown that Iraq could be similar to a model Arab Emirates, confirmed that he has no source of income basis in it.

Iraq is trying for years to attract foreign capital to develop its economy in the fields of industry especially those related to oil housing and oil and gas extraction, and to its need of funds for infrastructure development and reconstruction, but observers say that the lack of interest the state to the private sector and the absence of investment laws which guarantees for investors and the absence of other laws are still obstacles to the development of the economy as required. depends Iraq, which has the fourth the largest oil reserves in the world, 95 percent of its annual budget on its oil exports and currently produces about two million and 900 thousand barrels per day, while issued up to two million and 200 thousand barrels per day.