Zebari, Kobler discuss steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Zebari, Kobler discuss steps to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Monday, 03 December / December 2012 17:28

[Baghdad – where]

Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with head of the UN mission in Iraq Martin Kobler ways to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

The Foreign Ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received in the office of the ministry, Martin Kobler head of the UN mission in Iraq, and they discussed relations, Iraq – Kuwait and ways to overcome obstacles to get Iraq out of Chapter VII, and the light of the report submitted recently to the Security Council on the functions and mandate of the UN mission in Iraq. ”

He added, “During the meeting, they discussed Iraq’s relations with the UN and the Security Council to move forward to fulfill its international obligations and end all issues governed by Chapter VII with Kuwait.”

The statement continued, “and also discussed with Foreign Minister UN official convention headquarters of the UN mission in Iraq, programs and plans future mission in the country.”

He explained, “also met with Foreign Minister on the same day, the director of the UN Development Program Helen Clark, and during the meeting, they discussed plans and programs organized in Iraq to achieve sustainable development and administrative reform of the public sector. And management of water resources and the fight against poverty and the empowerment of women and youth.”

The statement noted that “discussed the level of achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Iraq, and the program’s role in helping the ministries concerned.” Ended.