Federal government is serious about removing all obstacles that impede oil and gas law

Shaways: the federal government is serious about removing all obstacles that impede the enactment of the oil and gas

Date: 03/12/2012 12:28:57 Monday

Erbil (news) .. Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis, a serious federal government to remove all obstacles that hinder the age of oil and gas law, expressed optimism about the agreement between the two governments federal and Kurdistan Regional Government in the field of oil and gas.
said Shaways, in his speech to the Conference II oil and gas in the Kurdistan Region which opened in Erbil, and attended the Agency (news): The recent agreement between the two governments would encircle the difficulties and resolve differences between the two parties, and opened the way for oil and gas law by agreement between the center and the province and local governments. added: that the conference held in Erbil is to complete and continue efforts precedent over economic conferences and numerous investment held in Baghdad and Erbil, London. said: We in the federal government and the provincial government are waiting to these conferences as provide us with new opportunities for economic cooperation and investment, especially in the field of oil, gas and other fields of economic and service for re-building process and development. explained: The conference was held in Kurdistan reflects the progress witnessed by the region, noting an increase of the production capacity of up to three million barrels per day, and export to (2.3) barrels per day for the first time since 2003. pointed to: that exports last October amounted to (81.3) million barrels The content reserve amounted to (43) billion barrels, adding that the licensing round last May saw the participation of (47) Arab and international companies. between: that the report of the International Energy Agency last October, that Iraq’s production will double by 2020 to reach (6.9) one million barrels per day, but he needs to make major investments. / end / 24. d. Q /