Maliki: “is not convincing and the question of withdrawal of confidence has become final choice

Considered spokesperson of the Iraqi List, Maysoon al, that Maliki’s speech yesterday, “is not convincing at all and looking for a way out of the crisis internal suffered,” noting that “Pat wants war with the Kurds as part of the escape forward, but we will not allow shedding one drop of blood of any Iraqi whatever, for any reason. ” and indicated Damluji told the newspaper «Middle East» that “Maliki, who is talking about dialogue is that blow up all consensus and agreements which the fever corrupt and the corrupt,” arguing that “threatening to reveal files and arrest warrants and other but it is a kind of to cover up the crimes and cover up the crime is a crime in itself. ” explained Damluji that “al-Maliki, which has waged all this attack on the Kurds is – and we are not in the list of Iraq – signed with them on 19 points in the disputed areas,” noting that ” the issue of withdrawal of confidence has become a final option after all that it appeared al-Maliki, who follow the way the attack on the opponents best way to self-defense, which is no longer possible from our point of view. ”