Kurdistan declares sending negotiating delegation to Baghdad

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced on Monday that a Kurdish delegation headed by , Barham Salih will travel to Baghdad to hold negotiations with the federal government on the background of the recent crisis between (Peshmarga) the region’s guards and the Iraqi army in the disputed areas.

The head of the regional government, Najervan Barzani said in a news conference in Erbil on Monday, attended by “Shafaq News”, that “a Kurdish delegation that represents all parties, forces and Kurdistan components headed by the Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih will head to Baghdad within the next two days.”

Barzani said that “the delegation will meet with senior officials and political parties in Baghdad for more dialogues and negotiations in order to reach a solution to the current crisis between the two sides.”

A high Kurdish military delegation that represents the Ministry of Peshmarga in KRG has held recent discussions with the Federal Ministry of Defense in the General Office of the Armed Forces and Prime Minister ,Nuri al-Maliki and reached at the beginning of negotiations to understandings on joint management of security file in the disputed areas before Baghdad declared the failure of those negotiations.