Maliki opens fire on all its partners and threatens…

Maliki opens fire on all its partners and threatens the outskirts of withdrawal of confidence “unprecedented measures”

02/12/2012 (23:00 pm)

Baghdad / term and long-Presse

After only issuing statements and clarifications via his official or statements provided by Mqrbunh him to the media, left the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki broke his silence on Saturday, at a news conference lengthy face which ripped for all his political partners of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, warning seeking to restore confidence scenario “unprecedented measures” and speaking of “arrests” may affect a lot of critics of its policies in the human rights in particular.
In a scene threatens to unleash the escalating crisis between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, accused Maliki Kurdistan to “bypass the Constitution and the expansion at the expense of the Iraqi people” and the formation of “forces possess weapons and heavy equipment,” said the Shiite alliance is insisting on the assumption of President Jalal Talabani office, The accused who warn of a return to dictatorship that some “militia leader kill Iraqis,” in an apparent reference to the leader of the Sadrist movement, which was published statements promise of the most prominent positions against the policies of al-Maliki during the recent period.
He was President Jalal Talabani called the National Alliance to work on the arbitration language of reason and dialogue and the opposition of resorting to the army to resolve differences because it threatens the collapse of the strategic alliance between the Shiites and Kurds who participated topple Saddam’s regime. Talabani spoke about “who impose their views” through the power of, Hdhirmn “machinations of the enemies” and their attempts to broadcast sedition “lawsuits sectarian or ethnic.”
The Conference Maliki first of its kind since the conference held after the end of the Arab summit hosted by Iraq last summer, also is considered the first of its kind since the flammable crisis with Kurdistan region against the backdrop of the formation processes of the Tigris and move troops have towards Kirkuk disputed between the center and the province.
And about the endeavors of many political forces to revive confidence scenario, Maliki said “everyone has the right to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister and take Ajera├║thm”, and added, “But from our side we will take our own actions that we did not take before.”
On the criticism of his government in the human rights, Maliki said “we fuss and opponents and talk about human rights and it is not correct to talk about human rights and we have militia slaughtered and kill and talk about human rights and dictatorship,” and asks, “Where talk about victims orphans widows and sabotage in the country is not that of human rights why do not hear anyone talking about them and no one condemned. ” “There are people talking about got abuses against detainees, some required to eliminate warrants were issued against them arrest warrants but parliament refuses to lift the immunity of them,” adding that he himself visited some prisons to make sure allegations of abuse of detainees.
He pointed out that those who talk about Russian arms deal corruption “they obstructing the investigation file corruption the central bank and there are people who have paid tens of millions of dollars for that.”
Maliki said at a conference of the Cabinet, “the president presented a project for the demarcation of the border and should come out of the draft Parliament and sets the provinces and comes after the resolution of zoning either impose unilaterally This is a violation of the citizen and the Constitution.”
He pointed out that he had put on the Kurds proposal “adaptation of the sons of the region to form ensures its protection forces to settle the hurry in accordance with legal contexts, but they did not agree.”
He stressed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that “is not the right region have tanks,” promised that “complicated situation, who was born in Kurdistan is not the result of today, but on the fall of the regime and acted according to their own understanding,” stressing that “the right of the army to go the extent to which in his country and in accordance with the Constitution, “and urged the Kurds after regarded as directed against them.
He criticized the Prime Minister calls the Kurdish leaders to self-determination, and said, “I hear every day will call on the Kurdish people to self-determination,” he explained, “but the people decided his fate and select which to remain part of Iraq and its national unity.” “I am not optimistic about the outcome of the negotiations because of the policy of escalation to be dealt with,” warning “I do not want to explode this conflict because it will be painful and widely explode and be nationally and regionally.”
Maliki defended the arms deal because it “defense is the most basic needs of the country,” he continued, “the region is that the work of these weapons uproar In time he buys weapons, and says that this reinforcing targeted Kurds or Kuwait at other times.”
In response to an interview Kurds deny granting him a second term, said the prime minister, “says the Kurds We came Maliki and we can isolate, we say that everyone knows that we who came with President Talabani.”