Iraq decides to pay a debt lines of Kuwait air at once!!!

Iraq decides to pay a debt lines of Kuwait air at once


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Iraq decided to pay off debts Iraqi Airways of Kuwait at once Galqa file permanently.
said a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, MP for the Rafidain list Imad John’s / JD /: The Iraqi government has decided to close the file of debt Airways for Kuwait to pay The (500) million allocated to it, at once without.
Iraqi government announced over a month ago, the allocation of $ 200 million dollars within the budget in 2013 in addition to the $ 300 million allocated in the budget in 2012 to implement the agreement between Baghdad and Kuwait to settle file compensation Kuwait Airways.
said former spokesman for the Iraqi government Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement, received / JD / copy of it, he decided to emphasize the cabinet’s decision the previous allocation of $ 300 million within the federal budget for 2012 and the allocation of $ 200 million in the budget Federal in 2013 to implement the agreement signed between the Ministries of Transport and Communications of Kuwait to resolve the issue of Iraqi Airways and the Ministry of Finance implemented.
Dabbagh said that the approval of Kuwait to settle compensation Kuwait Airways and informed her lawyer in Britain to halt all proceedings against property Iraqi important step and a good initiative.
said : This step will open the door towards the steps that impede the implementation of which has been agreed upon during the recent visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait. / end / 11 n