Will “Massoud Barzani” fulfill the prophecy of Saddam Hussein?

Will  “Massoud Barzani” fulfill the prophecy of Saddam Hussein?


Palm – Saddam Hussein predicted “that which governs Iraq after him Sestelmh land without human beings” .. And why he thought this black destiny of Iraq after him, is that the Baath Party leadership work during the 35 years of his reign to transform unjust Iraq to society is unenforceable provision only Saddam’s Baathist fist iron .. So soon, despite the repercussions of the fall of the Ba’ath regime, we believe that the Iraqi people, led by politicians at various affiliations, have succeeded in preventing the achievement of this prophecy black. , but the recent escalation in the crisis between the federal government led by al-Maliki, and the territorial Government of Kurdistan led by Barzani, and the accompanying from rally and incite divisions and fabrications and rumors, and media campaigns Tsagaitih ugly, indicating a high probability achieve this prophecy confrontational. ‘re very optimistic Mr. Massoud Barzani, believing his keenness to ensure the success of democracy in a unified Iraq, especially after what I read him his love and appreciation for the leader Abdul Karim Kassem and 14 Revolution July, and his critic of the leadership of the Kurdistan stage the July Revolution, where rightly said: It was a big mistake to allow the negatives to overcome the positives in the relationship with Abdul Karim Qasim, which helped to pass the plot NATO Alsentu and clients at home, and chauvinists and make the huge gap between the KDP and Abdul Karim Qasim . true that Maliki is not Abdul Karim Qasim, each time the men and methods of government, but if we look at the situation well, we will find those rumination on Iraq in the era leader Qasim, and led to the disaster February 8, 1963, are the same Mtkalph today on Iraq and under the interfaces and different reasons but aimed at the same fate, any destruction of Iraq. فهاهو Jr. (Massoud) follow in the footsteps father (Mullah Mustafa), in alliance with the same former enemies who toppled revolution of July, to re same mistake big, and certainly will bring the same disastrous results for everyone. there is no Iraqi equitable deny What won the Kurdish people from the oppression and injustice and wars of extermination at the hands of successive Iraqi governments before 2003, especially the Baath Party rule, however, the Kurdish people and alone subjected to injustice, with the difference primarily, of this unjust fascist rule? Why Mr. Barzani held accountable democratic government today Halabja and Anfal crimes and others committed by the ruling Baath? Is the role of the Kurds in the current federal government is for decoration only as it was under Saddam, or is it an essential and effective partner? . do not claim that the current situation is perfect, there can be well after decades of injustice, oppression and alienation, vandalism and neglect deliberate, but it required to remedy the situation in collaboration and constructive criticism, or ignite wars to burn and destroy Iraq as predicted by the criminal Saddam Hussein?. everyone demanding Maliki to eliminate terrorism and corruption, otherwise it is weak, and want him to give up the post to other more efficient!! but at the same time rejects these gentlemen, in the forefront of them, Mr. Massoud Barzani, arming the Iraqi army and security services, and the freedom of movement of the armed forces to hunt down remnants of terrorism, the grounds that they do not want a repeat of the Anfal and Halabja! Now they have taken paper corruption as a pretext to put obstacles in front of arming the Iraqi army, especially since the mentality of the Iraqi people is ready to accept any rumor about corruption against anyone, and thus are burning green at the ground and filter opponents this pretext. It is that the government is holding any deal in this regard with any country except They faced this paper her face, whether the charge true or false, will remain a sword hanging on the neck of the government to prevent the weaponization of the army and keep it weak paralyzed forever. Notably, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, confirmed Thursday, 29/11/2012, there is no conclusive evidence of corruption on Russian arms deal .. And he would pursue this issue until it is to get a guide on it. , but, at the same time Mr. Massoud Barzani seeks to arm his army Peshmerga, and ask the government to pay the expenses of arming central budget and without the army remains under the leadership of the center. It is worth mentioning that the Peshmerga forces captured the all heavy and light weapons to the Iraqi army after the withdrawal of Kurdistan while declaring the safe haven in 1991, and refuses to return it to the central government. Not only did Mr. Massoud obstructing arming the Iraqi army, but also harbors terrorist leaders like Tariq al-Hashimi and others, and makes the region a hotbed of harboring corrupt and thieves like Hazem Shaalan and others who have fled abroad through Kurdistan .. There are reports that the so-called “disputed territories” has become a safe haven for terrorists from which to launch terrorist operations on the rest of Iraq, except Kurdistan .. If the central government moved some troops like Tigris operations forces to hunt down terrorists in these areas, the resurrection of the Government of the Territory, and claimed that these operations are directed against the Kurdish people, and would not allow her to pass .. It is noticeable, that Mr. Barzani rose from his tone of tension between the region and the center, as claimed called disputed areas as “areas withheld.” and is truly regrettable that even Mr. President was not spared from bias in the conflict between the center and the region, as published a statement to him that it regarded the operations Tigris against the Kurdish people, and if a response aide to Prime Minister on charges Barzani stop Mr. Talabani with Barzani against reply to him .. While required by the President of the Republic to be the president of all of Iraq and Iraqis, and stands at the same distance from the conflicting forces and work to resolve their differences, not to be biased to the side against the other nationalist motives .. We also note that the visits of the President of the Republic dedicated to cities Kurdistan only, they did not have any visit to any city in Iraq Arab. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Barzani refuses practically considered Kurdistan subject of the Iraqi state federal terms of making from the region state competition of the Iraqi state, so the contract deals with major international oil companies such as Exxon Mobil known, attractive profits at the expense of Iraq and the region, which cost the Treasury billions of dollars paid by the central state of losing contracts concluded by the Government of the Territory contrary to the constitution. And the impact of these transactions, said Mr. Barzani threatened the central government: “Exxon Mobil have the force equivalent to ten teams and military if has entered countries there left.” What we wish to Mr. Massoud be called such statements, intended to blackmail the federal government and the bullying of these companies, it means that it has taken the same position his father while an alliance with oil companies that contributed to the overthrow of leader Abdul Karim Kassem after issued Law No. eightieth of 1961 … The results are well known to all. well, that Mr. Barzani to stand with the countries in which it operates to thwart the political process in Iraq, such as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Here we wish to draw the attention of Mr. President of the Region to what he said the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mr. Adel Murad: We should not turn our backs on you guys yesterday and allies today, but we have to strengthen the bonds of our relationships and work together to eliminate terrorism source to us from countries become known for their hostility to our young democracy in Iraq … The most important thing is to be vigilant to prevent any attempt to drag the Kurdish cause to the perils of sectarian wars that began to burn everything and everybody in our region .. The issue of Kurdish people is a political issue not linked to sectarian issues grim .. No one knows where it ends. It’s a serious war and catastrophic will not survive one of them .. It conspiracy devastating funded and strongly both Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey. unfortunate that stands Barzani with Triple (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey) to destroy Iraq, no doubt that he considered his position this political tactic clever application of the principle Almkiavelli: (end justifies the means), and that after overthrow the Baghdad government and weaken it, they will laugh, just as Saddam thought he uses American objectives in its war against Iran, and then laugh!! Via see, laughed at in the end? Where is Saddam now, and why not draw Mr. Massoud Barzani lessons from the mistakes of Saddam and his fate black? Iraqi problem that each of them wants to be president .. This fact foresaw American civil governor of the coalition forces, Paul Bremer, so make the Governing Council president in every month to satisfy their desire for power. How can the rule of Iraq and psychology politicians? There are about four blocks a major political post in the government, and every block includes dozens of political organizations competing with each other, and the head of each organization seeks to destroy his opponent in the hope to receive the first site in the government, and even the leaders of organizations of the same bloc of Prime Minister seeking to topple him in the hope that occupy his place. So we hear these days flirtations of Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Bayan Jabor Barzani to win approval in the case of nomination to the post .. I do not know, do you accept any of these as if occupied the presidency of the federal government, to be at the mercy of the President of the Government of the Territory, handcuffed, and keep the Iraqi army is weak, and his country a hotbed of terrorism and corruption, and يزاح of prime minister once angered by Mr. Barzani? Finally say , required of Mr. Massoud Barzani, to benefit from the lessons of the past, and that is not affected by what Adabj him and preachers of the sultans opportunists articles encourage destructive approach .. In a time when the interest of the Kurdish people to remain within the federal Iraqi, but if willing the people and the political leadership to achieve his ambition to do their own nationalism, and this right, we congratulate them their state, but we want them to be done peacefully .. However, it is regrettable that Mr. Massoud Barzani and his supporters in the Kurdish leadership believe that the interest of the Kurdish people to destroy the Iraqi state and the fragmentation and make them lean not on its own strength, to be up for grabs to neighboring countries .. In the case of the survival of Kurdistan with the federal belief that international conditions are not conducive to separation, in this case wants Mr. Barzani to be the Baghdad government is subject to the will of the Government of the region, who decides who chairs the Government Center, and Azaha whenever he wants. should be to achieve an ambitious Kurdish people peaceful means and not by Saddam Hussein’s prophecy burning Iraq and the alliance with the enemies against the Baghdad government, because all those who lit the fire in Iraq moved to fire home .. So I hope you do not think any political leader of the Third World that he can laugh at America and its allies and the Agerha his interests.