Failed Talabani dialogue with the Baghdad will drive us to interrogate al-Maliki or withdraw

Abu Bakr Zainal: Failed President Talabani dialogue with the Baghdad government will drive us to interrogate al-Maliki or withdraw

Date: 02/12/2012 08:22:06 Sunday

Baghdad (news) .. Said MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Azad Abu Bakr Zainal, said that President Jalal Talabani and the delegation that will accompany the Baghdad سيتباحث with the federal government about the differences, noting that there are several options in the event of failure of the dialogue, including the questioning of the prime minister or to withdraw from the government.
said Zainal In a statement (of the Agency news): The President Talabani will arrive in Baghdad in the coming days and will accompany the delegation KORDI to negotiate with the central government about the differences that exist between the two sides. added: that the right of the political blocs question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Taking available convinced the political blocs will be withdrawn trust him in the past there was an attempt of the blocks but the President did not submit the application to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives. said MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs to: that the political blocs which reached an impasse in negotiations and dialogue, there will be several options including questioning Maliki and pull-confidence or withdraw from the government. The political scene differences multiple between the blocs, including about laws accumulated on the shelves of the House of Representatives, and corruption cases that have emerged recently, at the same time seeking the President to bring the views between the political blocs and the meeting of the national count him blocs to resolve the political crisis and put The reform paper prepared by the National Alliance. / end / 2.. /