Maliki says Iraq, Kuwait committed to close outstanding issues

BAGHDAD, Dec 1 (KUNA) ­­ Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al­Maliki said on Saturday that there is a joint Iraqi­ Kuwaiti will to end and close all outstanding issues between the two countries, underscoring that his Kuwaiti counterpart’s upcoming visit to Baghdad “will contribute to the resolution of many outstanding issues between them.”

Al­Maliki said at a press conference that the relationship with Kuwait has witnessed significant progress on several fronts, most recently the agreement between the two countries to resolve the file of Kuwait Airways, adding that success in this file will be a starting point for resolving the rest of the outstanding issues between the two countries

He added, “Frankly we want to finish all outstanding files, keeping in mind that it was not us who invaded Kuwait, but that adventurer who had brought conflict to our two countries and slaughtered so many people” in reference to the President of the deposed Iraqi regime Saddam Hussein

He explained that his country was committed to pay compensation to Kuwait of about USD 13 billion remaining so far, as well as its commitment to the maintenance of border signs and to seek decisive means to close the file of the missing Kuwaitis in Iraq.