Budget 2013 does not solve the economic problems and poverty

Ruled out a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary MP Ibrahim Rikabi “address the state budget for 2013 to the economic problems and the elimination of poverty in the country.”

He said in a press statement today that “the budget 2013 will contribute to the ambulance poverty situation in the country is partly not solved in general and the reason for this is due to the survival of the bulk of the budget is dedicated to the operational and salaries and the budget of ministries and provinces, either the investment side, which is Reliably advancement in fact the country’s economic Vnspth few of the budget is not enough to do the job. “

Rikabi said, “as there is no real gesture to the poor and retirees and improve the ration card items and these are all important points need to be addressed to promote the reality of living of the people “.