U.S. report: Iraq’s chances of stability and unity in 2013 is reassuring

U.S. report: Iraq’s chances of stability and unity in 2013 is reassuring


Twilight News / gone Foreign Policy magazine U.S. in a special report their expectations of what will turn in the world and the Middle in 2013 that 3 major events major govern the world in 2013, a crisis of the Western system global, and the escalation of sectarian violence in the Middle East, and fears retreat American world.

Regarding expectations Foreign Policy magazine shapers situation in Iraq in 2013, the magazine said “elections Iraqi provinces in the first months of next year will determine whether Iraq would be able to preserve its unity and cohesion or not, especially in light of events subsequent tensions with the Kurdistan Regional Government, which hosted Former Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, who was convicted of terrorism and sentenced to death as soon as the Americans out of Iraq. ”

It added that “with this look fortunes of Iraq to enjoy stability and unity Ten years after the U.S. invasion him in 2003, is reassuring.”

And dealt with the magazine the most important challenges facing America in the countries of the so-called Arab Spring and said, “The challenges especially in the countries Arab spring for players outlaws, led by the United States through the development of strategic patient necessary to distinguish between the ups and downs which is inevitable on the one hand, and long-term trends on the one hand Others, while continuing to assist governments to achieve economic progress that you need to stay. ”

She said “about political development complex in Egypt, it will continue as it is in 2013. And the equilibrium level events, the receipt of the Muslim Brotherhood to power them more moderate, and the military abandoned once and for all the desire to rule, and Cairo has expressed its commitment peace treaty with Israel, and violence political rather than the rule in this regard, but only exception. ”

It showed “either in Libya, the new government will continue to struggle for the restoration of full control over the exclusive right to use the power of the militias, which is characterized as well armed. Would receive government financial assistance good of the oil revenues of the country, but lack the country to structure institutional required to provide, after 40 years of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi violator, would hinder the new government administratively and organizationally. ”

In reference to the dilemma Syrian said “It is true that Bashar al-Assad is still the President of Syria, but no longer govern the country. Despite international sanctions can continue money simple cross off general government services and urged Syrian forces and armed militants loyal to him for looting to secure their salaries.”

It continued that “one possibility remains that outside powers can except China and Russia to stay united against the crisis in Syria, in 2013 will provide an opportunity to stop the killings in Syria and the start of what could be a long transition phase and difficult.”

She drew the magazine in its report that “there is a crisis Western toward events that Stasv in the Middle East that” the danger staring Western model in general is in deficit the United States and Europe for processing their cases financial and economic even if crises of slit economic, but the weakness that will these two political entities essentially. ”

The magazine found that “failure” of the West continued to act on this crisis will result in a weakening of the global status of the West in various aspects of national influence, whether the ability to progress or the ability to mobilize international reaction claims or the ability to achieve national interests. ”

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