Excluding Iraq exit of money currently item VII

Baghdad: Iraq News Network-the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee ruled out, exit Iraq of sanctions under Chapter VII. Committee Chairman Humam hammoudi, said “there is progress in the endeavours of the Iraq exit of item VII and listed by the sanctions, there are positive signs, in this framework, but he does not take place in the nearby period, subject to time.”

Chapter VII comprises 13 articles, resolution 678 of 1990 proposal to eject Iraq from Kuwait by force, of items This chapter, Iraq remains under it, because several issues remain outstanding. the EW that “ministerial delegation currently visiting Kuwait, looking, in particular, the subject of airlines, to deliver the message reflects the seriousness of Iraq and end this file and other files between the two countries,” Transport Ministry official revealed Monday the “leave the technical delegation from the ministries of transport and finance, Foreign Affairs, headed by the legal adviser to the Prime Minister Fadhil Mohammed Jawad to Kuwait, to discuss problems in the Airways and liability, after Kuwait agreed last fall, and the fear and concern of Iraq’s non-compliance with the debt settlement agreement on Iraqi Airways.

“he added that” the agreement was provided to pay Iraq $ 500 million as a final compensation to airlines Kuwait, deposit one of global banks, and are delivered only after the debt forgiveness, the Kuwaiti side demanded to be paid directly to him, which was rejected by Iraq and several peace.

“he said that” Kuwait has justified this position by concern Iraq’s non-compliance with the Convention and pledges, and it won’t drop, but after receiving the amount, prompting to send a delegation to renegotiate. ” Kuwait, for its part, denied a claim by paying the debt of Iraq in the Iraqi Airways directly.

and female Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Ali al-clarification of news publication in the Agency, that “Kuwait did not claim direct payment on debt of Iraq in the Iraqi Airways, but restrict Kuwait all conventions resulting from the fraternal meetings to address this topic, and will remain our priority interests of Iraq” and the United Nations Mission in Iraq [has] announced on 5 October last by Kuwait The investment allowances in Iraq, and between the head of mission Martin Kobler in a press statement that “Kuwait approves the transfer of a large part of reparations into investments in Basra and a number of provinces.”

with the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry denied Kobler said her intention to invest its awards in Iraq and Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations have developed positive as in the past months, to end the files between the two countries, Iraq’s output of international sanctions imposed in item 7, by the UN Security Council last two Declaration ending the dispute and the final settlement of the issue of airlines After the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on 23 October last year issued a decree announced approval of the financial settlement, following the signing of the two sides on a final settlement for Iraq to pay the $ 500 million as a final compensation to Kuwait Airways