Financial expert: Iraqi banking market need to enter the Arab and international banks to support the local economy

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Stressed financial expert Mohammed al-Samarrai, that the entry of the Lebanese banks sober for a career in investment banking and financial and banking services advanced is supporting factor and the assignment of the Iraqi economy, noting: that the financial market and banking Iraqi need to Mayssat banking giant was able to offer banking services real that is consistent with the need real.

Samarrai said in a statement singled out told the independent press (Iba): The market is Iraq’s economic need to enter Mússat banks Arab and international Kalpnan working to support the Iraqi economy but be sure the credibility of these banks and how serious the real work, taking into account reciprocity with Iraqi banks in Lebanon. ..

He added: that the entry of Iraqi banks partnerships with Lebanese banks in Iraq will contribute to the support of the country, but real requirement to ensure access to banking and financial Mússat able to help the advancement of the Iraqi banking reality of his face and not rob the will of the Iraqi shareholder on the other.

He continued Samurai: companies must participate not rob the will of the Iraqi banks involved with Iraq and that gave the majority of the shareholders of the non-Iraqis which resulted in almost freezing to Iraqi banks and robbed Aradtha and make orientations banks that have entered into partnerships hostage guidance departments of the Arab banks and the foreign parent, which did not keep track of what is required of them towards the interest of Iraq and the Iraqi economy