Calls to speed up the legislation of the oil and gas law

Iraq will be a source of the world’s needs in the next 25 years BAGHDAD – Shaima Rashid \ called the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary to speed up enactment of a law of oil and gas to reduce the financial and administrative corruption was rampant in this sector, and sandbox according to the constitution, stressing that the formation of an ad hoc committee by the Federal Government and the Kurdistan region as well as producing provinces to develop a clear mechanism to get a result satisfactory to oil and gas law, recalling Altgariraly that Iraq will be a source of the world’s needs in the next 25 years.

said Vice Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee on Dhari Fayad told the “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network” : The oil and gas law represents the spirit of the political process and motivation to work for building the institutions of state and government and the future of Iraq, noting that there are ways and many ways to solve and resolve all the problems impeding the adoption of this law.

added: “The Constitution is clear and Article 112 thereof provides that the Federal Government are concerned policymaking oil in coordination with the producing regions and provinces. ” and stressed Fayyad “the need to be there for the ad hoc committee on the legal aspects and professional and specialized by the federal government and the Kurdistan region in addition to the provinces producing in order to finalize the mechanism clear and effective to get a result satisfactory to oil and gas law” , pointing to “injustice and oppression obscene perpetrated against producing provinces and goal Bngaebha policymakers oil.”

He continued: “How absent Basra, for example, policy-making oil, one of the provincial production, where nearly rate productions of (2.5 million barrels per day) with it does not have the votes represented and discussed Matanajh companies and the Bmahorh committees that work on the completion of the final wording of the law of oil and gas, “whereas on the opposite side to the region of Kurdistan decision and talk crucial to the overall oil policies although it issued the equivalent of 150 thousand barrels per day Only, this is supposed to be for the provinces produced represented in the discussion of oil and oil wealth. “did not hide Fayyad fears” that the delay in the passage of the oil and gas will return great damage on the Iraqi people. ” and on the future of the oil sector in Iraq said Fayyad “that oil represents one of the main requirements for the prosperity of the industry and the economy in the world, so it is important way to enable Iraq to take political and economic role at the international level for the attributes of strategic stocks of energy sources in the world. “

And said, “that the reports from the International Atomic Energy Organization, confirms that Iraq will be the owner of the lead and the lead in bridging the global oil needs during the next 25 years.” In the meantime, explained the decision to the Commission on oil and energy Qassim Mohammed Mchkta “that many of the committees formed in the previous period to the completion of the enactment of this Act, the last Committee of Five, which included Oil Minister Abdul Karim Luaibi and Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region, Ashti Hawrami.” and between : “The Committee of Five, despite intensifying their discussions that took place in Baghdad ahead of Eid al-Adha, but it did not reach a solution a lot of problems that prevent legislation law, and collided with the problems of a controversial, such as the budget and other matters.”

He continued: “But we were surprised after the feast halt the talks and replace statements wounds via satellite and throwing myself between the center and the region, the crisis comes the formation of the Tigris and pouring oil on the fire. ” He Mchkta, to “the enactment of the oil and gas in addition to the overall important laws can not be what there were not a quiet and positive, stressing that the disintegration of the elements of the crisis will accelerate the completion of the legislation law, which constitutes 95 percent of Iraqi imports, so it is reasonable to It remains as it is, without a law regulating the work of this important and vital sector. “explaining that” the enactment of this Act earns its importance by helping to bridge the door to financial and administrative corruption was rampant in this sector as well as it helps to determine the steps the powers and responsibilities and then will know all official border circle that moves and the Federal Court will be the Faisal in every conflict may occur because of this project. “