Zebari renew Iraq’s obligations towards Kuwait

BAGHDAD (Iba) new Iraq Amadah to meet all international obligations towards Kuwait, including re missing files and install marks the border between the two countries.

A statement issued by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, and the agency received the press a copy of “Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari made the remarks after a meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Ali Mohamed believer.”

The statement added that during the meeting “discussed bilateral relations and the follow-up to the Iraqi – Kuwaiti Joint and follow up on issues of common interest in the maintenance of border markers and end the mandate of the Special Coordinator Kuwaiti missing persons and property.”

As was discussed during the meeting, “Iraq’s efforts to emerge from the provisions of Chapter VII, as well as file Kuwait Airways.”

According to the statement, “It was stressed Iraq’s desire to fulfill its international obligations and boosting cooperation between the two brotherly countries.”