MP accuses GOI of Neglecting the Economic Sector

MP Noura al-Bajari, member of the Parliamentary Economic, Investment Committee accused the Iraqi Government of neglecting the economic sector and depending only on the oil sector because of its reoccupation in the political crises and disputes.

Bajari stated to Iraqi News that “The Government is not earnest in applying the plan advocated to activate and refresh the economy through depending on other economic resources where the plans that were prepared by the Planning Ministry to diversify the resources of the national economy have not been implemented so far.”

She added “Iraq has many natural resources that could be exploited such as sulfur and many metals, in addition to the agricultural sector, all these resources makes Iraq able to count not only on oil sector if they are exploited properly.”

It is worth mentioning that the US embassy in Baghdad has warned from jeopardy that might afflict Iraq’s economy due to its reliance only on oil revenues.