Barzani: Maliki’s validity “ended”

Barzani .. Validity Maliki “ended”


Palm – said President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “expired” is no longer useless to work with him, because he “aspires to be the sole ruler of Iraq,” and accused him of “frequent twisting and turning,” and “violation of agreements and say something and work reversed. ”

He Barzani that Maliki “thinking in the invasion of” Kurdistan region of Iraq militarily, and revealed that intelligence and its relation to the secret meeting of the owners leaderships military asked him permission to access the Iraqi army to the resort of Salahuddin (residence Barzani in Iraqi Kurdistan), but Maliki responded to مخاطبيه saying ” Be patient until you reach F-16 then it will be easy, in reference to the deal, Iraq was to be held for the purchase of aircraft, “F-16″.

And wished Barzani – In a meeting with journalists, writers Kurds writing for the Arab press – not fall war with Iraqi forces on what is described as “disputed territories”, but emphasized that Iraq’s Kurdistan region is ready her and was “confident of victory where if forced to fight.”

And try some symbols Iraqi calm and resolve the dispute between Iraq and the Kurdistan region of Iraq after the crowd parties military forces, but Barzani asserts the futility of such efforts “only remove Maliki as prime minister,” and expressed though his willingness to deal with these attempts not to be accused of is the reason escalation in tension, he said.
Nuri al-Maliki faces criticism accusing him of seeking to isolate rule in Iraq (Reuters)

The head of the Kurdistan region of Iraq that al-Maliki when writing the Iraqi constitution “was the most eager and other Shiite leaders to prove to federal Iraqi Kurdistan even be a step to a similar dream Shiite federal in Iraq, and remain for years similar federal Arabs”.

And argue Barzani Maliki and his supporters were excluded the possibility that govern the whole of Iraq, but after singled out centers of force in Iraq and Astqoy on Shi’ite allies and rival Sunni from the Iraqi List, and ruled out the obstacles in the way of the leaders of Sunni Kolarhabiy Harith al-Dhari, Adnan al-Dulaimi, and sentenced to death and terrorist Tariq al-Hashimi and others, saw in front of an open arena, began to aspire to be coveted the absolute ruler of Iraq, including Kurdistan.

Promises Betrayed
revealed Barzani that Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was exclusion of the issue of withdrawal of confidence from Maliki and raised a few months ago, and that he “is the one who stood in the way after he agreed on the move all the blocks (the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Alliance Kurdistan headed by Barzani). ”

Maliki accused Barzani to veto the covenants and agreements such as what happened in the case of the American ExxonMobil oil, where he said that al-Maliki welcomed in his first contacts with Iraqi Kurdistan step with this company since the beginning of the negotiations until the contract is signed.

But Maliki over after signing directly through the media for refusing to these contracts, according to Barzani, in addition to “Tanslh” for the Erbil formed whereby central government in Baghdad, not to mention the agreement between the Party Maliki’s Dawa Party and Barzani, who denied Maliki But Barzani published the text of the agreement signed between the two parties in the media.

Barzani said that al-Maliki has canceled another agreement was signed with the Kurdistan region of Iraq before the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq in 2009, and was of interest to the security management of the areas which is described as “disputed”, adding that the cancellation was directly after the American withdrawal. ”