MP stresses lack of deficit in 2013 general budget

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Ibrahim al-Rikabi, member of the parliamentary Economy & Investment Committee, described the deficit diagnosed in 2013 general budget as evaluative assess not real where there are no debts owed on the budget.

Rikabi told AIN “The deficit in 2013 budget is not real but it is just a speculation,’ noting that “The general budget reached IQD 130 trillion, but the State needs IQD 150 trillion to cover the investment and the operational budget as well, here the deficit appears between the need and the available revenues where the difference reached IQD 20 trillion, that is what called a deficit.”

“The deficit is not caused by debts or so forth, but rather it is an ambition to have budget of IQD 150 trillion,” he added. /End/