Iraqi Parliamentary delegation heads to Gaza Strip

Baghdad (AIN) -A delegation from the Iraqi Parliament headed to Palestine to visit Gaza Strip to inspect the situation of its people and offer financial aids for them after being affected by the Israeli military attack.

MP Wihda al-Jumaili of the Iraqiya Slate said that “The parliamentary delegation which headed to Gaza, on Monday, will give IQD 2 billion as a financial aid to the Palestinians there.”

“The departure of the Iraqi delegation to Gaza in such circumstances confirms the Iraqi people’s solidarity with the Strip’s people who proved persistence in front of the Israeli enemy,” praising the Palestinians’ steadfastness which forced the Israeli side to accept the truce,” she added.

Earlier, the Speaker Osama al-Nijaifi has announced his intention to head a delegation to visit Gaza Strip to show solidarity with the Palestinian people there after suffering the Israeli aggressions against the Strip over the past few days. /End/