Source: Maliki rejected the Iranian offer for fear of American anger!

Source: Maliki rejected the Iranian offer for fear of American anger!

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Baghdad / Orr News

A source close political view that the Iranian leadership offered to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki concluded a military cooperation agreement and not an agreement common defense, but he refused to do so because the U.S. administration had advance knowledge of the offer Iran is perhaps the cautious reaction of Washington is behind Maliki’s refusal to him,

Adding that Tehran wanted an agreement of military cooperation with Iraq allow vital front in order to provide military support to the Assad regime because Defense Agreement Syrian-Iranian will activate to the atmosphere and the Iraqi territory inevitably and thus realize the Iranian leadership the importance of having a military cooperation agreement Iraqi Iranian this time and these conditions with special Syria.

He believed the source of the regime in Iran that re-calculations on the subject of activating Defense Agreement with Assad because the region and the world will look at it not from the angle of military agreement, but by the existence of this political alliance sectarian leaderships of Iran and Syria, which impacts negatively on Iraq and the Pacific Regional whole.

He warned the source of Iranian forces face fierce resistance from the Syrians, and the organizations of militant Salafist gain more power and influence within the Syrian revolution because the Iranian intervention military according to an agreement the common defense, pointing out that the division may affects the Iraqi arena because Maliki government prevented any destination Iraqi support any party to the conflict in Syria and the presence of Iranian interference can be for thousands of Sunni fighters from the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin to come to the rescue of the rebels Syrians and Syrian support the resistance against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The likely source of the Islamic Supreme Council that is Iranian interference under the joint defense agreement with the Syrian regime because the hard-line backed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is the strongest in the face of some opponents of the few in the Iranian Shura Council and the Iranian Foreign Ministry.