3.5% growth of the Arab economy in 2012

Arab Monetary Fund forecast achieve Arab economy real growth of 3.5% during the current year, to rise a percentage point next year, due to the decline of the repercussions of the global financial crisis and the stability of oil prices, and rising demand for non- oil exports.


The report stated that many of the developing countries to support domestic demand and growth economic policies to counter-cyclical, stressing that those countries can not avoid an economic slowdown in the same time when these countries to be affected by continuing as a result of the deterioration in the advanced economies.

The report predicted that the economic expansion in the economies of developing countries and countries in transition stronger during 2012 increased by 5% in the countries of the first group, and 4% in the countries of the second group , but it will be less than has been achieved in previous years.

The issue of the Arab Monetary Fund next month Unified Arab Economic Report for 2012, which will review the general indicators of the economies of the Arab countries during the past year.