MDC demands to withdraw confidence from Maliki

MDC demands to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister

The time on Saturday, 24 November / 2 November 2012 17:11 | |

Erbil / Orr News

Demanded MDC Kurdish opposition led Nshiroan Mustafa withdraw confidence from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on the back of the formation processes Tigris, came in a roadmap and distributed yesterday, and requested the President Jalal Talabani, as protector of the Constitution, and “under Article 61 of the Constitution to ask the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Maliki. “

The head of the block change House Shoresh Haji, “The problem Operations Command Tigris not the only problem between the province and Baghdad, which is also not a violation only of the Iraqi Constitution, which provides it Nuri al-Maliki, formation of this command is part of a series of violations of constitutional accumulated this led government Maliki, the most important of violating Article 140, which has since issued so far just ink on paper, and without any signs reassuring about implementation, and with respect to national partnership became this partnership does not exist, and there is also the problem of the Federal Court, then the formation Operations Command Tigris up the same is considered a serious violation of the Constitution, because the pilot has not been set by the House of Representatives as required by the Constitution, and the most dangerous of all is the use of the army in political conflicts and this one of the most serious constitutional violations that would have very serious implications for the future of Iraq. ”

And whether the MDC and its parliamentary faction will vote in favor of interrogation and confidence, which I hesitated in the past, it said the head of the Change Council of Representatives of Iraq: “The situation is completely different, because in the past there were political agreements side outside the parliament to collect signatures against Maliki and pull trust him, but this map before we seek to move the topic to the framework of constitutional, we block change we first opposed this government led by al-Maliki because of the lack of clarity his government, and said so openly and frankly, and from the first moment we felt a lack of partnership in governance, so Ardhanaha, But today Things reached a violation constitutional provisions threaten the future of coexistence between the components of Iraq, and map sets roads constitutional crisis, which gradually begins search president to use his constitutional powers as the protector of the Constitution, and that there is a danger to the Constitution, then call on the parliament to interrogate al-Maliki, if not It also raised the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the parliament. ”