Report: al-Maliki in economic trouble

Report: al-Maliki in economic trouble


Twilight News / British newspaper reported on Thursday that discourage the Iraqi government for cancellation of the ration card highlights how difficult it is to move forward in the economic reforms, noting that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in “trouble” because of the economic ration card.

The newspaper “Financial Times” British in a report seen by ” Twilight News “that” discourage the Iraqi government on its decision to cancel the ration card highlights how difficult it is to move forward in the necessary economic reforms. ”

She added that “Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in economic trouble because of the ration card, on the other hand, maintaining the resolution would reduce the chances of victory in the April elections,” 2013.

The newspaper pointed out that “the Maliki government are trying to come up with a plan of economic reform that are essential to revive the economy affected by the sanctions and the US-led invasion of Iraq since 2003, taking into account the provincial elections scheduled for next year, and parliamentary elections in 2014.”

According to Iraqi government figures, live approximately 23% of the population below the poverty line, which means that the reduction of food subsidies would lead to government mandated a high political cost.

The International Monetary Fund recommended in a 2010 report that Iraq reduce the number and volume of subsidized goods, and called on the government to prevent high-income earners to claim subsidized food.

Referred to the Iraqi government, which has faced widespread protests reneged on its decision to replace the ration amount of money and decided to population given a choice between receiving or get a refund.

The government has decided to replace the ration works since the imposition of economic sanctions in 1991 in the amount of $ 15 thousand financial dinars per person per month from next March.

But the Iraqi Council of Ministers decided at an emergency session held, 11 Chern ongoing Second, undo the decision to cancel the ration card.

The resolution provides for the continuation of the Ministry of Commerce in the delivery of the ration card items to recipients on time until the implementation of the new resolution, and without reference to a specific date.

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