Commission on oil and energy calls for the adoption of the law of oil and gas

in the absence of state institutions and the rule of the partisan nature of the decisions of the government, media reported earlier decision to lift the Ministry of oil prices of oil derivatives, which aroused the resentment of a number of deputies of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary.

He stressed a number of MPs on the need to consult the relevant committees before the government issues any decision, especially decisions that are of direct contact with the citizens.

For its part, denied the distribution of Baghdad of petroleum products reported higher fuel, saying that “this news unfounded.” of the oil and energy “resentful” criticized the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary decisions taken suddenly by the government, and especially decisions that are in direct contact citizen.

member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Furat al-Shara expressed his criticism of the decisions issued by the government abruptly, returned her decisions ” abnormal and cause fissures of the political situation, “explaining that his committee is not satisfied and” resentful “of these behaviors.

In an exclusive interview for “long” explained Shara to make these decisions without reference to parliament lead to “darkness and contrast of transparency and political logic and state institutions”, stressing the need for the adoption of the law of oil and gas to reduce the abnormal behavior and that there are many observations.

He said. between Shara “We had Maatbaat many through committee and through Member” person to person “and the day before yesterday, and demanded that there should attend the Committee of Five, which was established and named Committee thumbnails on oil and gas law, in order to be there to inform and clear heuristic “.

decisions unconstitutional! member of the Committee on the economy and investment in the House of Representatives Qusay al-Abadi counting decisions taken by the government without reference to the relevant committees in the House of Representatives “constitutionally” It powers of government and is not within the powers of the House of Representatives.

explained Abbadi Speaking “long” that ” House’s mission is the delivery point of view to the concerned authority, but it is not necessary to take this view. “

He emphasized that “supposed the opinion of all parties and all political blocs and even the Iraqi street before the adoption of any law, especially laws pertaining to the citizen.”

Moreover, it was his colleague in the MP for the National Alliance Susan Saad had warned in previous press statements from continuing to take decisions without reference to the House of Representatives, noting that this “will raise great feedback to its members and will pay some to his suspension within the parliament.”

She said. called Saad Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Oil to “consult with members of the House of Representatives in the decisions and important laws that affect people’s interest before issuing to the Iraqi arena and raise concerns of ordinary citizens.” state “no decision”! former MP and Judge Wael Abdul Latif confirmed In an interview with the “long” that the state today not Skip one step toward building a state constitution and the law, describing the decisions taken by the government “no decision” Ppalartjalah and sudden and ill-considered, explaining that the government does not have any grounds for the application of those decisions.

stressed Abdul Latif on the need a motionless widely with political parties and civil society organizations, to discuss and study of strategic decision task that affect the fate of the people and the state before recognizing its important to put these decisions to the competent authorities, wondering at the same time on “How to make the state a decision what and then back him ? Is it reasonable, and after ten years, Iraq imports benzene and oil? “, and went on to say that:” it is not possible to state since 2003, and so far, you can not create five refineries giant at least after it entered the latest technology of the world?

” Following up that “in Hungary, for example there are oil refineries with a capacity of up to 50 thousand barrels per day administered by three staff members only, note that these refineries are created in a period not exceeding six months, is not supposed to government that moving towards these contracts?”.