Publicly announced his readiness to mediate between the Central Government and the province to resolve differences

Baghdad (newsletter) …The Iraqi list led by Ayad Allawi, offered to mediate between the Central Government and the province to end the escalation on disputed areas, with the formation of operational leadership unconstitutional and caused real crises.

And existing spokesman Haider Al-Mulla told a press conference in the Parliament building and was attended by (News Agency news) on Wednesday: that the composition of the leadership of the operations is outside the framework of the Constitution and is causing a real crisis ‘, warning of the seriousness of the crisis if there is attention by some political leaders about the crisis.

Mullah said: this issue is not limited to Tigris operations command only, and all operations on the table leaders to discuss whether their constitutionality, calling on everyone to “non-militarization of the political problems.

Mullah said: that Iraq had expressed its clear position to play the role of mediator between Central and regional government to end the crisis.

The spokesman for the Iraqi list to: it could deliver the message, that under presence of US troops was to maintain security in the disputed areas, and these areas after the withdrawal, subject to military action by one party or the other