Jaafari, Maliki advised against escalation with Erbil

The leader of the state law, MP Ali Alfalh, Prime National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari was not predisposed to escalation between Baghdad and Erbil, and that he was seeking to calm.

and likely Alfalh in a press statement the health reports about travel Jaafari near to Erbil from Tehran, which he is visiting . added Alfalh that “al-Jaafari had proposed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki not to escalate with Erbil to avoid compromising strategic alliance Kurdish Shiite, which is prone to rupture, against the backdrop of pursuit forces Tigris to enter the territory of Kurdistan.”

Jaafari was head of the National Alliance met with al-Maliki in the earlier. said a statement from Jaafari’s office in 16/11/2012, the two sides they discussed during the meeting, the political process in the country, in addition to discussing the government performance in general.