Iraq’s Minister of Human Rights confirmed during a meeting Msala internationally need to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Search and Human Rights Minister Mohamed Sudanese Xiaa with a high-level international coordinator for missing Kuwaiti Ambassador Gennady Tarasov bilateral relations between the two countries during a meeting at the ministry.

A statement from the Ministry today that “Minister Sudanese confirmed Iraq’s commitment to continue cooperation with Kuwait and the International Organization for ending file missing Kuwaitis by investing the positive atmosphere that prevails relations between Iraq and Kuwait, as well as the upcoming visit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to Baghdad.”

He added that “the time has come to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and referral of missing Kuwaitis from its international bilateral cooperation under the supervision of a third party”, adding that “the Kuwaiti side expressed during the meetings of the Joint Ministerial Committee agreed to issue United Nations of any decision out this file of international framework to bilateral cooperation. “

For his part, praised Tarasov, according to the statement “the great efforts made by the Ministry of Human Rights and its cooperation in the search for the remains of missing Kuwaitis and which come within the framework of the efforts of the Iraqi government to end this file, also praised the positive development of the bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait.”

The statement continued, “Tarasov pledged that he will be members of the UN Security Council in his report Iraq’s commitment to continue cooperation in the file of missing Kuwaitis, also convey the point of view of the Iraqi government to refer the file from its international framework as a prelude to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.”

The United Nations Mission in Iraq [UNAMI] has announced the approval of Kuwait invest Taweidadtha in Iraq, and the Head of Mission Martin Kobler said in a press statement that “Kuwait agrees to transfer a large part of the compensation to the investment in Basra and a number of provinces.”

Ties Iraqi – Kuwaiti described as positive development over the past few months, to end the outstanding issues between the two countries, and to remove Iraq from international sanctions imposed on it in the seventh item, before the UN Security Council.

The latest developments announced two countries to end the row and the final settlement of the issue of Iraqi Airways, said after Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on 23 October last Emiri Decree approving the financial settlement, after the two sides signed a final settlement by the Iraq to pay $ 500 million in compensation final to Kuwait Airways.

And consists of Chapter VII of the 13 articles, and is resolution 678 issued in 1990 calling for the ousting Iraq from Kuwait by force, from the provisions of this chapter, Iraq is still under Tailth, because the survival of several issues outstanding, such as the remains of Kuwaiti citizens and prisoners in Iraq, and Kuwaiti property, including the archives of the Amiri Diwan, and the Crown Prince Court, and the issue of compensation and environmental oil, which is not only related to the State of Kuwait, but other Arab countries, and companies claim that they do not still have some rights