Washington exposure of deployment of its forces in the disputed areas in Iraq

Washington exposure of deployment of its forces in the disputed areas in Iraq and the latter refuses

Monday November 19, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – Kurdish source said earlier, that Washington has entered a crisis line raised far up the Tigris forces between Baghdad and Erbil in order to end it, and offered re-deployment of U.S. troops in the disputed areas. The source said in remarks quoted by a Kuwaiti newspaper yesterday, said that “U.S. diplomats in Baghdad have begun contacts and meetings aimed at ending the problem and reach a joint agreement for the management of the disputed areas.” The source noted that “one of the solutions is to re-deployment of U.S. forces in the disputed areas to ensure that the occurrence of any clashes between the army and Kurdish Alپeshmrگh”, adding that “al-Maliki rejected this proposal.” He added that “Washington is not opposed to re-deploy military forces in the region if it wants parties to the dispute in that,” stressing that “U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on the Iraqi file excited for this step because the administration would not allow the outbreak of any fighting between forces of Baghdad and forces Arbil he says on the grounds that this development represents a severe blow to the United States, which sponsored political process in Iraq for nearly ten years. ” The source pointed out that “the U.S. forces would intervene in the event of the outbreak of fighting in Kirkuk and any other area.” The source continued that “the move this time under the name of the Tigris Operations Command set up by the Prime Minister aimed at undermining Turkish influence and the influence of the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which has grown dramatically in Kurdistan in the previous period.”
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