British newspaper: Washington publishes private armies in Iraq

British newspaper: Washington publishes private armies in Iraq and forms change according to its functions

Sunday November 18, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
Newspaper, “The Economist” widespread British, Sunday, the U.S. government set 20 thousand troops “special”, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, suggesting that this “private armies” completely change their structure with shift tasks affiliates.

The newspaper said in a report, he was “going on in Iraq and Afghanistan employ about 20 thousand soldiers a special escort by the U.S. government,” indicating that “the activities of private armies (rented) does not grow only; but change their structure completely with the transformation of its affiliates, hired soldiers special, specific activities to international trade worth nearly annual $ 100 billion according to the United Nations. ”

According to the paper, that the company had enjoyed as an academic is “Blackwater”, his suit to “The Servcis” then jealousy later to name Academy last; to adopt market shifts, as it comes 90% of its contracts from governments so far, but plans to make 50% of their operations for the benefit of companies, “noting that it” will open a huge training center in East Africa to meet the market shifts towards business processes rather than governments. ”

The newspaper added that Western governments “have contributed to the growth of the soldiers tenants; due to its commitment to reduce the political price for the deployment of troops on the ground,” asserting that “being supply in this sector, from the West significantly, where companies are British or American 70% of mercenary companies around the world. ”

The newspaper said that “with the end of wars past decade, began” private armies “to search for” markets “new and that according to Sean Mkvi from the University of Military Sciences of America National Defense University, the industrial companies that open branches and operations in markets unstable expand a base of operations private armies. ”

She newspaper “The Economist also reported that” when burned U.S. consulate in Benghazi in Libya in the month of September was in guarded soldiers Libyan working for Blue Mountain, a British company, and after weeks of this incident forces the African Union to expel a group of young Kismayo in Somalia, But those forces have been training by tenants soldiers from South Africa. ”

She, said, “Chinese companies began to deduct share her of this market, such as company Shandong Huawei Security Group, which helped in the liberation of Chinese hostages in southern Sudan earlier this year,” suggesting that “the founder of Blackwater is Erik Prince was behind the strongest group of soldiers had Bmusband Somali pirates. ”

Did not hide newspaper report “Economist”, fears that “raises informal groups of mercenaries concern; because they operate to the highest bidder, without any other consideration, whether that party oil company, or a political leader tyrant, raising fears of those soldiers rapporteurs and the changing loyalty with money. ”