Not for the Kurds failed to topple Saddam .. Maliki deal with Arbil unwise

Chalabi’s (range): not for the Kurds failed to topple Saddam .. Maliki deal with Arbil unwise

11/17/2012 (23:00 pm)

 Baghdad / term and long-Presse

As announced Peshmerga in Kurdistan yesterday that clash elements with Operations Command Tigris in the district of Tuz which killed civilians dead and 10 wounded from both sides, “the problem was cordoned off” and agreed not to amplify it, said the leader of the Iraqi National Congress MP Ahmad Chalabi The method of Baghdad in the management dispute with Erbil “very serious” and would be costly for all and re recall what happened with the previous regimes.
, security sources said, and the other in Qaimqamip Tuz told the “long-Presse that” shooting heavy heard at noon Friday and killed one civilian and wounded about 10 members of the Peshmerga and police Operations Command Tigris, indicating that extensive investigation open to see causes of the accident.
Meanwhile spokesman of the Peshmerga forces Jabbar Yawar told the media that it was a “personal problem we agreed to encircle and not exaggerated”, and denied that there is tension security and explained to the extent Press that “the political situation is tense and not the military because there are outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, has not been resolved long ago which reflected and put themselves on the ground. ”
However, Yawar said that “(Prime Minister) Nuri al-Maliki is trying to come out of the political problem by raising military crisis, so Valthnj and domination does not serve any party. ”
and launched political parties over the past weeks warnings and expressed concerns about the political deadlock through which the country and the inability of the parties of the Chairperson on a dialogue urgently about the differences, and what it can lead to that of sliding in the path of national partnership.
said Chalabi, a prominent leader the National Alliance, the Kurdistan region of a key partner in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the political process, and considered that management disagreement with him this way and move military units is dangerous and unjustified.
said Chalabi in an interview for the “long” that the opposition former Iraqi “were not to be able to convince the international community to drop Saddam Hussein for not hosting the Kurds have, and get our parties Arab foothold in Sulaimaniya and Arbil persuaded Western powers that we have the land and support, “noting that dealing with a partner like this,” must be through dialogues and agreements responsible away from the military tension. ”
He added that the existence of the Kurds in Baghdad, “enhances political pluralism and help build a stable country”, adding that “all previous regimes were consistent with the Kurds and settle disputes with them, but go back and denounce agreements and fighting a war, and war was always expensive for all and leading to crises awesome paid price all, and the imbalance has always been the lack of dialogue and non-compliance covenants. ”
For his part, declared Mayor spend Tuz of the province of Salah al-Din Shehab Abdul, yesterday that extensive investigation has been opened to determine the reasons that led to clashes between police and federal security agents Kurdish in the judiciary, in accused of “views” of trying to provoke the Arab-Kurdish conflict.